Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do I Really Need to Hire A Home Stager?

The picture above was from a home currently listed on the real estate market. Can you imagine walking into this home?  I won't tell you how long it's been on the market but let's say it's over a year. Today's real estate market is challenging.  There are lots of homes for sale out there - lots of choices for discriminating buyers.  A seller needs to ensure that his home shines above the competition.  Professional home stagers can make this happen.  Our training teaches us to prepare the property so it will appeal to a prospective buyer. There is no guesswork involved.  The following pictures show what happens when staging is ignored.

Home staging is not only decluttering and depersonalizing but it's also adding that special decorator's touch that will make a buyer remember a home as being special.  Home stagers are trained in proper furniture placement, as well as paint colors that sell, and enhancing decor with artwork, accessories and window treatments. A professional home stager can also help you avoid expensive renovations that may not be necessary to sell your home.  Your home staging fees may be tax deductible as an expense in selling your home if you itemize deductions.  Check with your accountant.

Still not convinced on the value of home staging?    Take a look at some additional reasons why you should consider professionally staging  your home.   

Homes that are staged usually sell  50% faster than unstaged homes. Homes that are staged, on average , sell for 7-10% over list price. 90% of buyers can't imagine their furniture in another home. 84% of buyers start their home search on the Internet before contacting a realtor.

Homes that have been staged show better than similar unstaged homes.
The number of houses for sale are at an all time high; you have to have the edge over the competition.
Staging creates inviting spaces with broad appeal to a wide range of buyers.
Some staged homes have been purchased  by buyers who did not  even see the property in person; they only saw pictures of the homes on the Internet !

Agents prefer to show staged homes  because they are ready to sell.
Staging is far less expensive than your first price reduction.
Staging creates a positive first impression and makes a  property memorable in the eyes of the home buyer.
Inspectors know that if a home looks great, it should be well-maintained.

If your home has been on the market for a while, having it staged  makes it appear as a fresh new listing for realtors to show.
A professional stager can offer tips on how to maintain the attractiveness of your home as you are selling it while living in it.

Usually, the longer your home is on the market, the lower your selling price will be.
Leaving your house vacant makes the home buyer want to offer less because he thinks you need to move the property quickly.
Staging is best done before listing so your  home photos look enticing on the Internet.  
Home buying is based on a buyer making an emotional connection with your home to the point that he  absolutely has to buy it.
For most people, a home is one of the largest financial investments made. Wouldn't you do anything you could to maximize the return on your investment?

Home stagers bring an objective eye when evaluating your house.
Home stagers know how to maximize key areas in your house.
Home stagers know how to accentuate the positive features of your house.
Home stagers can create balance, flow, and space planning .
Home stagers can increase your curb appeal with recommendations.
Home stagers can evaluated and specifically target areas in your home that need to be addressed.

If you needed electrical, plumbing or roofing work done, would you read a "how to book" and attempt doing the work yourself with possible disastrous results? No, you would hire a professional in that field that does this everyday to get it done right the first time. So why not hire a professional home stager that does this everyday to maximize your largest investment?

If you are thinking about placing your home on the real estate market in the Jacksonville, Florida or St. Augustine area, give me a call at 904-553-0366 for a  home staging consultation. If you are not selling your home, tell your friends who are. Ask me about my current "blog reader" special good through July 30, 2010. 


Linda Leyble said...

Right on Mary! All of those pics show exactly why the homes did not sell. With so many other home choices around for buyers, sellers have to make sure their homes look great as soon as it goes on the market! Hiring a stager will help make sure that the home looks great!

Linda Leyble

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