Sunday, June 27, 2010

Condo Fever! (Staging My Dream Home)

What have I been doing lately? Staging, of course. I just finished staging a beautiful condo in my development. Made me want to sell my home and buy it. All I could think about was how much less yard work I’d have. I was also impressed with the quietude inside. Couldn’t believe that it was virtually soundproof. Somehow I know dear hubby and I are destined for condo “diggs” one day.

When I first visited the condo, I was overwhelmed with all of the artwork and furnishings inside. As the homeowner and I wandered from room to room, I indicated to her what artwork, rugs, and furnishings she needed to remove. I also suggested that she replace the builder’s- grade flush mounted lighting fixture in her informal dining area with a ceiling fan which she did do.

This seller was smart. She was doing two moves which would enable her to keep some of the furniture in the home so buyers could visualize where they might place their furnishings. It usually isn’t that much more expensive to do because your move is calculated by the weight of the items you are moving. If your home sells faster because it’s furnished, you are ahead of the game. Remember 90% of buyers cannot visualize their furnishings in a vacant home. They are drawn to Internet pictures showing furnished homes. When they see pictures of a vacant home, they start thinking that the seller is desperate to sell because he has already moved.

Here are  a few more  before and after photos of this property. If you know of anyone looking for a beautiful 2100 square foot condo in an active adult community in Jacksonville, Florida, email me for the realtor’s contact information.


Last but not least, take a look at how much more the niche in the foyer shows up after removing the black console table and accessory. By doing this, we opened up the entire area.



Sherry Martello said...

Mary, I went by to see the condo on Tuesday! It was spectacular. It's a great unit, but the decor was a little busy. You did a wonderful job of neutralizing the space and creating a truly elegant environment. I know this is going to sell fast! Thanks, again. Sherry Martello, Realtor

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