Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garage "$ailing"!

April and May are great months for garage sales. I always check out these events for Jacksonville, Florida on Craigslist – they start posting them on Tuesday for the following Saturday. I’d recommend making a list of items for which you are searching before you go. That way you won’t overspend and will save time, too. It’s best to get there early; the starting time is usually 8 am and they end at noon. Make a trip to the bank and get some cash in small bill denominations. Don’t bring your purse or wallet out of your car. Roll your cash up and put it in your pocket. This way you won’t walk off and leave your purse because you were so excited about your purchase or you had too much in your hands, like me. I’ve become quite a scout and can usually spot something good from my car if there is anything worthwhile at a home. Since I do home staging, I am always looking for pieces of furniture, artwork, and accessories to help sell the homes I am staging. I like garage sales because they afford me the opportunity to pick up some good furnishings at very inexpensive prices. I pass this savings on to my customers when renting them my furnishings. Just take a look at my finds this past Saturday.

I went to two garage sales and got 3 solid wood nesting tables for $27! The homeowner wasn’t planning on selling the tables and when I offered to buy them, she conceded. She wanted $30 and I got her down to $27. You can always negotiate prices on these used items and can leave your contact information with the owner should he not sell the item for his intended price. I can use these tables as a set or use one as a side table or night stand. Can’t wait to stage with them. I could never buy tables like this at a regular store for this price even on clearance! I also picked up the square piece of art for $17 – brand new – never used. What a deal! It is a nice size and will adequately fill up a big wall. I was immediately drawn to it because of the earth tone colors. The round table came with a glass top. This was my real bargain of the day - $2! Couldn’t you see it in a bedroom with a beautiful tablecloth and lamp on it next to a bed? The basket was $3 – more than the table -but in excellent shape. I could use this to store colorful books or magazines in a family room or possibly as a spa basket in a master bathroom standing on the floor next to the tub loaded with fluffy towels, luxurious soaps and a loofa sponge. I could also see this tilted above a kitchen cabinet with greenery coming out of it or on the counter filled with fruits and veggies. I love baskets for their versatility.

Last but not least, I picked up this round metal votive candleholder for $1. I had some Pottery Barn battery operated votive candles and placed them inside the glass candle holders. I plan to spray paint the metal part a nice bronze color and to make a centerpiece arrangement in a tall glass vase for the center. Can’t you just see it in the middle of a round table with the candles aglow?

Would love to hear about your garage sale bargains. Did any of you ever get something brand new for a fabulous price? What makeovers have you done to your garage sale purchases? You can comment below or e-mail me your stories at Photos are always welcome. If I share anyone’s comments, I do not ever use the full name or any other personal info. Don’t forget to check off your reaction to the post below it. You can indicate whether you thought the article was interesting, funny, or cool. Oh, and by the way, for you sleepy heads who can’t get up early to go “garage sailing”, you can always go later and find things that a homeowner hasn’t sold and will let go for an awesome price. Happy $ailing!

~” Buying is a profound pleasure.” ~ Simone Beauvoir


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