Thursday, March 4, 2010

Staging is the Key to the Recovery of the Housing Market

The other night while shopping for some accessories for my staging inventory, I met a  man who was moving to India to retire. He was going to rent his home because he didn't  think he could make a decent amount on the sale of his home. There were two homes across the street from  him on the market already.  I told him that staging should help sell his home faster and without a price reduction and is tax deductible if he itemized on his tax return. I gave him my card and could tell as he walked away that he was deep in thought about what I had said. Time will tell if he "gets it' or not.  Have a funny feeling I'll be staging his home in the near future!

Staging really does work.  Don't let other houses on the market scare you. If yours is staged , you are ahead of the competition.  Buyers want to walk into a clean, decluttered, attractively arranged home.  When they do, they form an emotional connection to that property and that's what sells them. They don't want allowances for paint or carpet. They want to move right in with little work.  Case in point, my kids are moving back to Jacksonville (Yeah!).  They are looking for a "buy" like everyone else, but they have ruled out looking at short sales and foreclosures because most of them need work.  They are a professional couple with two young kids who don't have the time to devote to fixing up a house.  They want to "move right in and feel at home." 

Staging is actually changing the temper of the real estate market.  Properties are moving faster and for better prices than those houses which are not staged. Here's a good article on how staging is causing the real estate market to rebound.   Remember staging is the wrapping paper - the packaging which gets your home noticed  -unwrapped - and purchased.


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