Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Look for a Home Office

Went to visit a delightful couple the other day to give them some ideas on paint color and room arrangement for their home office. First let me say that I love color in a house. White walls will never have a place in my home. It has to be warm and inviting, colorful, and an expression of my inner self. As I walked into this couple’s tastefully decorated home, I noticed beautiful color on the walls – dark reds and deep taupes. They had done an excellent job of rhythyming the reds throughout the kitchen, dining room and living room areas. In the master bedroom, the husband had even created some artwork on three pieces of canvas which were covered in burlap and painted beautiful colors of tan and a light green color. I loved what I saw but couldn’t help noticing how dark the interior was. I told the homeowners how much I loved their paint colors but that I was concerned about the darkness inside. We talked about some options for brightening the space. They might have a local company place some leaded glass in their existing wooden double front doors. They might be able to break through a wall in their foyer into their windowed home office which would then shed light in to the foyer and living room. As another option, especially if they were to place their home on the market, they would need to paint the interior walls a lighter color – one that would intensify the light.

Upon returning to their home office which had white walls, I administered the No Regrets Color test to the husband since he was the main occupant of the office. Through this test I was able to narrow down an exact color for them which would complement the dark lime green leather chair and green and beige drapery in this room. I also recommended having a closet company come out and construct shelving and some file cabinets in their existing office closet which would free up more space in the office. A few nice trunks placed next to the chair would create a place to put a beverage or reading book. Adding a bookcase or floating shelves to the wall above the office desk would also enhance the room and create more storage space. I’m hoping to return when the changes are finished and will post pictures of the new home office.

~ "The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense. "~ Thomas Edison


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