Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home Staging "Before" and "Afters"


My associate Sandra Millis from Southern Comfort Redesign and Home Staging  and I completed the staging of our Navy client’s home yesterday, March 13th. What follows are some "before" and "after" photos.

Take a look at how the front door now "pops" because it's been painted a glossy black color and has an adorable wreath created by Sandra Millis. It bids a buyer a big warm welcome!

As you enter the house, an interesting clock, console table and accessories greet you.  Notice all of the shapes we have going on here!

This is the living room which we staged with a few accessories just to give a buyer the idea of how warm and inviting it can be.  We included the rug and artwork for some color.  The footstool provides another place to drop your purse!!!

We wanted to accentuate the beautiful fireplace so we decided to incorporate some frames ( I told you I was going to try this look in one of my former posts) and turquoise candles to coordinate with the artwork on the adjoining wall.  Notice the symmetry provided by the two accessories positioned on the ends of the mantel. 

Too much clutter on that counter in the master bath!  We also had to tone down the purple walls with a soft mossy green  towel tied with purple and mossy green ribbon.

This bed became the focal point of the room. The bedspread attempts to tone down the purple walls in the master bedroom. Anyone for a nap?

This kitchen had great plant shelves.  We gave the buyer an idea of how to attractively fill that space.  More on that in another post. Notice the clean clutter-free counterspace.

We moved "Pierre" from the dining room to the kitchen and placed him in the corner next to the picture of the Paris bistro. A full green plant rhythms the green from the artwork and the gold tablecloth does the same thing.  Bon Appetit!

Upon the completion of the staging, we were exhausted from being so focused but happy that we had accomplished our mission.  Our job was to stage this house so some potential buyer would form an emotional connection to it.  What do you think?  Would love for you to comment here on this blog - just click on the comment link.

~"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to focus."~  Alexander Graham Bell


Kathy Frysinger said...

Hi Mary, I love this. Great ideas on selecting paint colors. I always have a hard time with this. The kitchen and breakfast area looks very similar to my house. I was wondering if you had any good ideas for sliding glass doors that go out to a patio. I was thinking about changing the blinds to fabricated ones and then use a matching valance.

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