Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting Ready to Stage!

Some of Our Accessories and Furnishings

My associate Sandra Millis and I have been shopping for accessories to place in a home we are staging on March 12th.   We are working for the Navy man I mentioned in one of my posts. Yes, we did get the job. We both love this business and love meeting people.  

Sandra and I met with our client about a week ago to assess what we would need, formulated our shopping list and have been all over Jacksonville shopping for attractive accessories and a few pieces of furniture to make his place sell fast and for top dollar.   Last Wedensday, we met at my home to try out some of our scenarios.  Needless to say, we were pleased with our purchases.   It's all going to come together beautifully.  We can't wait for our Navy man to see his home transformed. 

Our sellers often comment that they can't believe what we have done. That's because our training has equipped us with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to properly prepare a home for sale.  We not only pull the weeds, we plant the flowers.  Our focus is the buyer.  Who might that buyer be?  What is that buyer looking for in this home? How can we create an emotional connection between a buyer and this home?   In order to do this, we have to keep current on new design trends and staging methods.  Our affiliations wirh the Real Estate Staging Association , the Association of Design Education, the Staging Transformations and Interior Redesign Society, and the Decorating and Staging Academy  help us to effectively stage or redesign a home so it is an attractive diplay of harmony and balance.  We both participate in as many training seminars, teleseminars and webinars as possible.  It's very important when hiring a stager to ask about the person's education in the field of staging and what they do to remain current on staging trends.  In addition, ask to see a portfolio.  Ask about how many and what kind of homes the stager has staged. Is the stager licensed and insured?  These are all important details to cover when selecting a home stager to help market your most important investment.  After all, you only get one chance to get it right!

Equipped with our supply of accessories and furnishings and our knowledge and experience as professional certified  home stagers we are ready for the March 12th staging challenge.  Our mantra is "Sell This Home"!  Stay tuned for the results.

~ "By failing to prepare you are preparing for failure." ~ Ben Franklin


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