Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 Secrets You Should Keep From Buyers While Selling Your Home

Home buying and selling are emotional processes for all parties involved. There are reasons why you are selling and reasons why someone is buying. However, as a seller, it is important to keep the upper hand when it comes to getting the most profit from the sale of your home. How can you lose the upper hand if you‘ve priced your home right, it shows great and you have an interested buyer? Think of it as a game of poker and everyone wants to win big. But your house is giving your hand away for you! Yikes, you’ve already started to lose. How? Your house is giving away your secrets. You’d be surprised just how much your house is saying about you and the secrets you’d rather keep.

Here are 5 of the most revealing secrets your house may be giving away:

1. How much money you make or what you owe through pay stubs and other financial     information frequently found in home offices;

2. Your physical or medical conditions or that of other family members with medical   equipment  of any kind left out;

3. The medicines you take for what ails you through prescription medications found in the usual places. People are also aware of the medicines prescribed for certain illnesses. Remember buyers may look in your medicine cabinets as they walk through your home;

4. The state of your emotional well-being through self-help books or other reading materials on bedside tables and bookshelves. From divorce recovery, depression to addiction, books you read reveal a lot to your buyers;

5. The fact that you may already have bought a new home or have your hopes set on one with photos or documents of the new place on display.

Can you see how potentially all of these common household items can reveal something about you that you may not want a buyer to know? Buyers will ask themselves:

• “Are they desperate to sell?”

• “In a hurry to get out?”

• “Paying two mortgages?”

• “Dealing with issues or loss?”

• “Sick?”


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