Friday, February 12, 2010

Help! I Need a Change!

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At the end of January, I received a call from a nice woman who wanted help in decorating above her kitchen cabinets and on the top of her new black bookcase. I journeyed out to her home and tried to incorporate some decorative accent pieces she had but I realized we needed more variety. As I gazed around the kitchen, I noticed she had three large glass containers filled with wine corks sitting on a baker’s rack. A metal wine rack cradled a few bottles of vino atop her refrigerator. My client confirmed that she and her husband were connoisseurs of wine. Instantly, I knew I had to capture their love of wine in the kitchen. I also wanted to incorporate more of that “wine” color in her family room – remember my article on color rhythm?

After much shopping, I returned loaded down with decorating goodies. I was able to purchase an empty wine crate from a local wine store as well as a large plate on a stand depicting two wine glasses with two wine bottles. In my travels, I discovered some baskets, greenery grasses, a cute little “Homemade Apple Pie” sign and some realistic- looking apples. My plan was coming together. I didn’t want to devote the entire “above the cabinet space” to wine but I wanted to continue the wine color the homeowner so loved. An apple pie vignette would allow me to do so. For the beautiful black bookcase in her family room, I found a very full greenery ledge piece, two metal candle holders, and a large plate and stand which contained the wine color combined with an animal print.

I started in the kitchen and my client followed me rendering assistance when needed. She “oohed” and “ahhed” about the little vignettes I was creating above her kitchen cabinets. She especially liked the wine crate idea. I was pleased as she kept saying, “How did you think of that? I would have never thought of that”. When we moved to the family room, she was not happy with the wine- colored plate with the animal stripe. I truly did not know if she would like it because she is more traditional in her decorating style. However, I thought I would include it and knew it would complement her more traditional area rug and other furnishings in the room. At first she didn’t like it. Then when I added greenery next to it, her expression became one of approval. I also added some Spanish moss to the top of the candle holders like I did in my last staging assignment. I had seen this idea in an antique shop and loved it – an opportunity to add another texture – very different. Needless to say, when I left, I knew she was pleased and it warmed my heart. That’s what I love about staging and redesign. I meet so many wonderful people. This lady was truly one of the nicest customers I’ve had so far. It was a pleasure helping her create some good changes to her d├ęcor.

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” - Benjamin Franklin

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