Sunday, January 31, 2010

Color Rhythm To the Rescue!

Have you ever purchased a piece of upholstered furniture and placed it into a room and it seemed lost? This happened to a friend of mine.  She had a beautiful oriental rug on the floor of her living room which had reds, blues, greens, and tans in it.  She needed a chair and went out and purchased an upholstered chair in a red fabric thinking it would look magnificent in this room.  She asked me to come to her home and showed me the chair and said, "I love the chair but it doesn't look right in this room.  What's wrong?" 

I looked around the room and had to agree that the chair looked lost.  What my friend needed to do to incorporate the chair into the room was to add more touches of red as an accent color randomly throughout the room without overpowering it.  By doing so the chair easily became part of the room as there now was a sense of balance and harmony. Try this if you have something of color which you want to blend into a room. Take one of the colors in a piece of fabric, art work, or a rug and use it as your primary accent color.  Use accent pieces in this color and intersperse them throughout the room.  You'll be amazed at the effect you have created.  Take a look at the following pictures from House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, and Coastal Living which depict color rhythm.

Good rhythming of the yellow

I think this yellow overpowers!

" Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment!" - Claude Monet


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