Thursday, December 5, 2013

Radiant Orchid - New Color of the Year for 2014

I just knew it.  I knew that a shade of red-violet would be the new color that The Pantone Institute, the world authortiy on color, would deem as the color for 2014.  Just love this red-violet color.  I have seen lots of it in decorating accessories and furnishings as well as clothing in stores lately and that's what made me think it would be the color for 2014 .

It is quite trendy so I would tend to use it in small doses or perhaps try it as a paint color in a small bathroom.

Red-violet goes well with yellow-oranges and blue-greens as you can see in the pictures below.

What are your thoughts on incorporating this color into your home or wardrobe? Leave a comment and let us know.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sherwin-William's 2014 Color Mix

Yes, they are out - the fabulous new Color Mix from Sherwin-Williams for 2014  There's a palette for every taste from muted to bold.  Which colors have you used and why did you use them?  Is there a color in this 2014 collection that you might want to try?  How would you make it work in a room - an accent wall, painted shutters, painted doors, trim, the entire room, painted accessories, a painted ceiling?  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  

Trends in color are fun.  However, the colors should work with your flooring, furnishings, cabinetry, countertops, and artificial and natural  lighting.   If you are not good at picking colors for your home, why not let a paint color consultant help?  Save yourself a lot of time , money, and aggravation.  I'd be happy to choose the perfect hue for you.  Contact me today.  Isn't it time you tried a new look? 

Reasoned - a palette of mostly muted grays - a more logical, intellectual look 

Diaphonous - a collection of light, translucent, soft colors 

Curiosity - a palette of  organic colors inspired by nature

Intrinsic - a mix of colors that reflect cultural tendencies

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A New Window Treatment Transforms a Sliding Glass Door from Boring to Beautiful

A Beautiful New Window Treatment That Showcases the Sliding Glass Door

"I would like a new window treatment for my sliding glass doors. Would like to keep my vertical blinds and just have a valance above," said my client Sonja into the phone. "Can you stop by sometime this week to take a look?" she asked. 

On Friday of that week I visited Sonja's charming home.  She showed me her current vertical blinds which, if kept, would need to be moved over a bit.

Original Window Treatment

I asked Sonja why she wanted to keep the blinds and she replied,  "It's not really for privacy because we back up to a preserve. We need them for the afternoon sun which gets strong."  I suggested that there were 2 ways to go with this project.  The first way was to keep the vertical blinds, move them over a bit, and hide them with a panel window treatment on a decorative rod. When she needed the blinds, she could just pull them across, but they would be out of sight during most of the day.

The second idea was to remove the blinds and have a remote cellular shade installed.  We could do a valance over the top with a 2-tiered look in 2 different fabrics.  The valance would hang from 7 decorative medallions.  After much thought, Sonja decided upon the second option and was very pleased with the results.

Sonja had some solid-colored fabric and we selected a very attractive striped fabric to coordinate with it for the top layer. My window treatment fabricator, Tish Corbett, also embellished the valance by creating 7 little bells across it. (shown under each medallion)  David Miller, my blind vendor, did the shade and even had to notch it out at the bottom to accommodate the molding

New Window Treatment Wth Remote-Controlled Shade Down

New Window Treatment With Shade Up

Sonja and her husband Roy were so happy with this treatment that they ordered plantation shutters for the entire house from David .  

David actually makes his own  plantation shutters and can paint them any Sherwin-Williams color that you want.  I recently paid a visit to his warehouse here in Jacksonville, Florida and viewed the operation. 


The Construction of the Shutters  in Process

The Shutters Are Prepared for Painting

David With The Finished Shutters

David's favorite service is his shutters. He offers 2  1/2", 3  1/2", and 4  1/2" slats and can make plantation shutters for any sized window, even curved ones. What makes David's family-owned business unique, is that he does not subcontract his labor out.  His employees and he do the work and David personally takes all measurements in your home and does the installation. His shutters are priced very competitively and his work is guaranteed for life. Besides that, he is a very pleasant guy.  

If you are in the market for a window treatment, blinds, any type of shade, or shutters , please give me a call so you can meet David and Tish and have them work their magic in your home.  You will be just as pleased as Sonja and Roy were.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Which Bedroom Paint Colors Are Better for Sleep or More Sex?

Master Bedroom - HGTV SMART Home - Jacksonville, Florida

Bedroom paint colors are often difficult to choose for many people. They worry whether the room will look attractive and  promote sleep when they need to catch some"'shut-eye".  In the pictures below, I transformed a client's very blah-looking master bedroom into one that looks good and provides a restful night's sleep. 

I used a beautiful color called Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams on the focal wall behind the bed and a rich golden yellow called White Raisin also by Sherwin Williams on the remaining walls. Needless to say, they brought the room to life.

Master Bedroom Before - Washed Out Color 

Master Bedroom After Using Sherwin Williams- Halcyon Green, SW6213 and White Raisin, SW7685

While reading today's articles, I came across one that addresses bedroom paint colors and what functions they promote in the boudoir! Click on the wording in the picture to get the results of a British study detailing which paint colors affect sleep, sex, and working in your bedroom. Leave a comment and let me know if you agree.

If you need assistance creating the perfect master bedroom, I'd love to help.  Contact me today at 904-553-0366 and inquire about my current speclal on this service which includes paint colors, as well as furniture and accessory placement.

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